Paris Akanni


My massage therapy calling was the doorway to the path that has led me to the understanding of my own passion. I am committed to elevating myself and serving as a guide to others in their process of awakening and self-development. I look forward to our encounter and introducing you to our healing domain we call Lax. ​ 

Aaron R White

Director of Community Programing

Aaron R. White, Chicago, IL native, discovered their love for the healing arts at the age of 14. Through practicing various forms of spirituality, self-healing rituals and personal discovery became commonplace. While attaining their Masters of Fine Arts from New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Aaron began a 3-year Reiki Master-Teacher apprenticeship with Marilyn Vega (Shaman, Hypnotherapist, RN), which completely elevated their understanding of healing. ​

Fatima Nefertiti Ford

Healing Practitioner

I am Fatima Nefertiti Ford, CEO/Founder of Wellness Is Life LLC. I am a practitioner of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, hold a 200 RYT Yoga Certification with Yoga Skills, level 1 certification in Hatha Yoga. I am also a SomaVeda Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, guided meditation coach and energy bodyworker.  I practice Auricular Therapy(TCM), Sujee and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
My bodywork practices are based on classic Ayurveda as interpreted and practiced by the spiritual societies and indigenous peoples of South East Asia, Thailand and China. 
I use these varieties of healing modalities to address as many issues as possible. My practices are a practical expression of loving kindness addressing the issues of pain, suffering, depression. Reducing symptoms of anxiety, high blood pressure, circulation as well as many other ailments plaguing the body.
My focus is your overall healthy, wellness and by providing guidance towards self healing and tools to nourish the body mind and spirit.
It would be my pleasure to guide you towards your best health.

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