Meet Paris Akanni ND


Love and Light 

I am committed to serving as a guide to others in their process of awakening and self-development. Let me assist you on your healing journey along with my team of dedicated holistic healing practitioners. Learn how to establish a regular balancing routine to achieve your health goals and obtain the lifestyle that harmonizes you with nature and an elevated quality of life.

—  Paris Akanni 


​ Get assistance on your journey seeking wholeness and balance. Book your consultation and lets learn what’s best for your being.

Tri Dosha 

Test for the best. Take the Tri-Dosha assessment and get general awareness to various areas of life that will promote good health

Natural Healing 

receive instructional videos, step by step support including meal and herbal suggestion to assist you in making the highest choices for your health and wellbeing.


Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that is indigenous to our ancestors becoming more widely practiced. Its meaning is the science of life or daily leaving. Lets Learn about the universe within.


Breathing exercises and meditation are healing techniques that can bring about an extraordinary balance in the consciousness. Learn the true meaning of peace and love with pranayama.


Detoxing and fasting is fundamental to ones ability to remain healthy and helps to build a foundation for a sound diet and a stable healthy routine.

Thai Yoga 

Enhance the body/mind connection with Thai yoga therapy. With its long list of benefits this unique treatment supports your overall lifestyle changes while also helping you reduce stress elevating your sense of wellbeing

Green Goodness

My Story

Discovering my passion aligning with mt purpose 

My massage therapy career was the doorway to my true path that has led me to the inner-standing of my own passion. I am committed to elevating myself and serving as a guide to others in their process of awakening and self-development. I have devoted myself to my mission as a healer. This has brought me an abundance of knowledge and opportunities to study around the world with many guides. I have spent countless time and energy cultivating my purpose. Studying to becoming an Ayurveda practitioner with SomaVeda College and Dr Haber of the Ayurveda Institute has helped me elevate my life becoming a source of support for others seeking balance. Now I know the importance of healing not just the body but the mind and consciousness, reducing the chance of disease and balancing all energies that exist within us all beings.  I look forward to our encounter and assisting as a guide on your healing journey.


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