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Lax Work-Study Wellness Enhancement 

 The Lax Work-study Wellness Enhancement program experience allows one to master balance of self and serve as a guide to others seeking wholeness. The LWWE programs are aligned to your personal passion as a healer. We provide seekers of a higher vibration the resources to masters the knowledge required to elevate themselves. We are honored to serve as your introduction to a new way of living and giving back. Join the Lax Tribe and cultivate your ability to become a being that has all your elements harmonizing properly and sharing that with the world. 

Thai Yoga Massage Training 

What is Thai Yoga?

Thai Yoga is a traditional therapy of Thailand based on the ancient Indian Ayurvedic principles of heath and healing. Attention is given to the whole person by incorporating meditation, yoga postures and manual compression following the various Sen (energy lines) along the body. As you apply pressure and intention to the body, both the physical pathways of circulation and energetic pathways are able to open and help the body heal itself through balance. Thai Yoga is intended to benefit both the giver and receiver by using efficient movement without compromising safety in body mechanics.

Introduction to Theory and Technique

Class summary

This class is available to those who want to learn something new and/or add to their healing practice! It is an introduction to Thai Yoga and a flexible learning experience. It will cover basic technique, body mechanics, and explanations with the assumption that students are new to Thai Yoga. The pace of class and content covered will depend on the students attending.

What students will learn:

  • -What is Thai Yoga?

  • -Where Thai Yoga comes from

  • -Why Thai Yoga works

  • -Body structure, chakras, and Sen (energy lines)

  • -Hands-on practice of selected techniques

Important class information:

  • Students will receive a certificate of completion from Lax Energy Worx

  • Students must be able to hold their own body weight in various positions and easily lie down, kneel, sit, and stand

  • Due to the pandemic, please limit the amount of travel and

       close contact with people outside your household for at least 1 week

       leading up to class dates. This reduces the risk for all participants.

  • Maximum 8 students

Take Our Brief Assessment To see if the LWWE Programs Are A Good Fit For You. 

For those seeking a more comprehensive program, to become

fully certified as a Thai Yoga Practitioner, and obtain legal protection to develop their own professional practice please contact us at or call 312-878-7782

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