Lax Work-Study Wellness Enhancement 

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Do you have a divine passion for healing or helping others? Are you looking to learn self-care techniques and natural ways to heal you and your family? Let the LWWE Program be your guide to wholeness and prosperity. Pick the tuition option and training course that best suites you. Let us serve as a guide to a better quality of living. 

The LWWE program 

(Lax work-study wellness ENHANCEMENT)  

Welcome to The Lax Work-study Wellness Enhancement program. This experience allows one to master balance of self and serve as a guide to others seeking wholeness. The LWWE program is customized and divine to you (Self). We provide seekers of a higher vibration the resources to masters, knowledge, healing, and wholeness. Let us serve as your introduction to a new way of living. Join the Lax Tribe and cultivate your ability to become a being that has all your elements harmonizing properly and sharing that with the world. 

SomaVeda® Fundamentals Of Thai Yoga Level 1

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