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Detox Plans 

Lax Energy Worx has partnered with Natures Compounds and formulated a line of herbal blends that are efficient at enhancing the relief of  symptoms, cleansing & detoxification. Our plans promote the strengthening & nourishing of every organ, tissue and cell structure. The purpose of medicinal and nutritional herbs is to activate and revitalize the self-inherent potential within our body to facilitate the healing process. Start your healing  journey today!

Urban Gardening

7 Day


Cell Nutrition Wellness boost

A 7-Day 3 step intracellular cleansing program that assists the body in gradually removing impurities and blockages from the liver, lungs, small & large intestines, vascular and lymphatic) that would otherwise manifest as illness and disease. The end result is better assimilation, absorption, digestion and metabolism. Body functions operate on a higher frequency; the thought process and mental clarity are enhanced, and the spirit is uplifted.   This program is a more general cleansing program placing specific emphasis on the liver. This is an excellent starter program for those not advanced.



Healthy Green Smoothies

14 Day


Optimal Health Set up

A 14-Day 4 step intracellular-extracellular Cleansing program that assists the body in removing impurities and blockages from all the organs and vessels (kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen small & large intestines, vascular and lymphatic) .that would otherwise manifest as illness and disease. Detoxification and cleansing gradually removes the impurities and toxic by-products of incomplete metabolism that have traveled via the blood and lymph, and been stored within the vital organs and tissues, and have manifested as inflammation, constipation, abnormal growths or tissue deterioration. 



Natural Herbs



 Cleansing, purification and rejuvenation

A 14-Day regimen, designed to reduce high glucose levels, while restoring the normal insulin secreting levels within the pancreas. In the same process it enhances digestion, metabolism, absorption, assimilation and provides optimal levels of nourishment & rejuvenation It assists in removing abundance of carbohydrates (glycogen) stored within the liver and muscles tissue that converts into excess glucose. The excess glucose released into the blood stream and muscle tissue is unable to be utilized by cells for lack of insulin; thus inhibiting cells to release energy.




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The primary objective is to vitalize you internal universe by opening all major pathways which allows for toxins and residue to be released. Once blockages are removed from the small and large intestines, the body can begin the self-healing process with assistance of the therapeutics of the herbs and you ND or wellness couch.


All Programs can be upgraded to include a consultation and regular wellness check-ins for an additional fee of $188. Any purchased program or herbal compounds will be deducted from this fee.

Please contact us with any questions regarding what may be best for your personal wellness goals. 

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