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About Amari Holistic Healing. 

Amari represents balance and is the source of holistic healing services for its founding community Lax energy worx. While lax provides you with elevated group therapies, events, workshops and classes, Amari delivers therapeutic and natural services for the body, mind, and energy. 

About us

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Healing Services

Make healing a priority. Set your intentions on self and allow your experience to include healing inside and out.  Discover an abundance of holistic modalities and experience the benefits. Schedule your preferred healing treatment  and receive a free consultation with a qualified holistic practitioner. 


Healing Altrnatives

We are here to help provide you knowledge and insight on different Ayurvedic & Homeopathic services such as Massage Therapy, Thai Yoga massage, healing with herbs, detoxing, and more 

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Healing Partners

There are several ways you can take control of your wellbeing. Connect with an Amari Holistic Healer and learn about the various natural products, treatments, and services we have here for you. We provide holistic alternatives to aid in achieving balance and a healthy lifestyle.

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Energy Worx

Addressing your energetic body promotes wholeness and balance. It is an effective, noninvasive healing modality that enhances the body’s natural healing ability by clearing energetic blockages.

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