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Love and Light

Meet Paris Akanni ND

How Many Individuals Can I Be Of Service To Today.

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Mission Statement

I am committed to serving as a guide to others in their process of awakening and self-development.


Let me assist you on your healing journey along with my team of dedicated holistic healing practitioners.


Learn how to establish a regular balancing routine to achieve your health goals and obtain the lifestyle that harmonizes you with nature and an elevated quality of life.

Discovering my passion aligning with my purpose 

My Story

My massage therapy career was the path that has led me to the inner-standing of my passion and true purpose. I am committed to elevating myself and serving as a guide to others in their process of healing and self-development. I have devoted myself to my mission as a healer which has brought me an abundance of knowledge and opportunities to study in many places with many guides.

I have spent countless time and energy cultivating my purpose, learning and growing with experience. Studying with SomaVeda College and Dr. Haber of the Ayurveda Institute. Becoming a Ayurveda Practitioner ND has helped me elevate as an induvial and serve as a source of support for others. I have come to know the importance of healing, not just the body, but also the mind and energy. I've witnessed my healing practice reduces the chance of disease and help balance ones health and wellbeing. I look forward to our encounters and assisting as a guide on your healing journey.